Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group #001: Is there ever enough research?

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh of his blog. On the first Wednesday of every month, we writers who are insecure about ourselves one way or another talk about what makes us insecure. The purpose of this blog hop is to encourage and help writers move past these insecurities and write the stories we were meant to write.

You can view the main page for it here & join the fun!

This Month's Insecurity: Did I do enough research?

I've found while writing Mermaid Tears, I've done enough research on mermaids, pirates, how ships out at sea work as well as other significant things. But then I come across something in my story that makes me freeze and it makes me start to think that maybe I should have looked into the moon's phases more as I lightly touched earlier.

And yet I realize that I'm writing a fantasy - I can practically do whatever I want with my world, story, characters. On one hand, this does give me a little bit of freedom to explore the world, especially through Misora's eyes. Remember; Misora had never been outside the prison walls all her life - everything she sees other than the Ruby Heart crew is completely brand new to her as well!

Then it seems the story included itself with not just humans and mermaids, but lizard people, Dwarves, and Elves and even the casual mention to Orcs! And maybe even more peoples and races I've yet to even start writing about!

Is there no end to research? Thankfully, it's not that bad since it's something that I, not only have to research for my story, but for fun. Maybe it's mindless trivia for some people but I feel like since I'm a writer - I have to know how everything works. Thus the research never ends.

And that scares me. I don't want to seem like a know-it-all and I don't want to just throw in random tidbits in my story just for the sake of "look at me, I've clearly done my research". What do I do? How do I know when it's enough research?

Even though it's a fantasy setting, how much research is too much?

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Another contest so soon!!?

This morning when I woke up, I received an email about yet another contest that's going to happen soon! It's apparently going to be run by Amazon. Here are the details for it:

The contest is designed to search out the "next great voices" in popular fiction and publish them online. Authors can enter Jan. 14-27. Up to 10,000 eligible entries will be accepted.

The company says finalists will, for the first time, be chosen in five categories: general fiction, mystery/thriller, romance, science fiction/fantasy/horror, and young adult fiction. Winners will receive publishing contracts with Amazon Publishing. The grand prize winner will be chosen by Amazon customers and will get a $50,000 advance along with a publishing contract from Amazon. The other finalists will receive an Amazon publishing contract and a $15,000 advance. 
"Over the past five years, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award has helped thousands of authors realize their dream of writing a novel, while connecting them with their peers as well as readers and giving them the opportunity to be discovered," Nader Kabbani, vice president of Amazon's CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing units, said in the company's press release. "We're excited to evolve the contest this year to recognize talented aspiring authors in even more genres, with bigger advances, more winners, and quickly bring the winning novels to readers around the world." The five finalists will be announced on May 21, and the grand prize announced at Amazon headquarters in Seattle in June.

You can go to this site to read the entire article here. I've talked to 3/4 of my editors and they've all said the same thing: Go for it! The only reason why I'm even hesitating is because the contest isn't due until January 14 to 27th. And not only that, I'm still only on chapter eight on the first draft. Forget about the rewrites!

However, maybe I should remind myself that I've accomplished eight chapters (although some are extremely long) already with 50,000 words under my belt with many more to go. I can do this! And hopefully I will win this contest too.

Do you think you could enter a contest like this for yourself? Why or why not?

Saturday, December 01, 2012

A little bit of the fine details!

You know, during NaNoWriMo, there was something that I haven't really thought of.

In some fantasy worlds, including the distant planets of sci-fi, it's always pretty cool to have 5 moons and 2 huge suns.

But how does that effect the world? That's something NaNoWriMo user John Campbell went into great detail about. To be fair, the moon's phases for this planet is already confusing enough for some people (including me).

Imagine having to babysit two moons, yikes!

On one hand though, based on what I've skimmed on the site, he not only explains just the Earth's moon - but what could happen with possibly two! I had considered using two moons for Mermaid Tears only because, you know, it's cool and why the heck not? Also because the moon's influence over the oceans tides, currents, etc etc.

But as he points out:

Just like our single-moon world, here both moons are full, and rise together at sunset, set together at sunrise, and are directly overhead at midnight.

But... this isn't always going to be true. In fact, it won't often be true. Because of the way orbital mechanics work, moons in different orbits won't be moving at the same speed.

Yep, that's exactly right. He goes on to explain in further detail just one possibility of how two moons orbits can work. He gets a little bit into Mars's moons, Deimos and Phobos but doesn't get too much into detail. To be honest, I think it's a great little detail that shouldn't be overlooked. If you guys want to read it yourselves, you can check it out here and let me know what you think! Do you think it's a good thing to pay even a little bit of attention to such details?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Follow Friday #002: It's Just a Little Crush

Follow Friday is hosted by Allison of Allison Can Read and Parajunkee of Parajunkee's View. Each host would provide a question as well as a new featured blog.

In any case, thank you for stopping by! Be sure to leave your link in the comments so I could help spread the love!

Q. Who is your to-die-for book crush?

Let's see... Do graphic novels count for this? Hmm. If it doesn't, I would say that Simon from The Silver Kiss had always been a book crush of mine! He as always so mysterious and, honestly, a much more interesting love interest than Edward Cullen from the Twilight series. Zoe's really lucky! I really wish I could get that book again for my eReader...

In any case, I really don't think there's an official picture of Simon, and especially so since there's a lot of different covers, I chose a picture of him that's closest to what he may or may not look like.

This is just one of many covers that feature the silver-haired vampire!

Have a fun and safe weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2013 Self-Published Reading Challenge

The 2013 Self-Published Reading Challenge is a challenge made to go beyond the famous publishers and into the world of self-publishing. Picking and choosing books that had published their wonderful stories themselves will be a challenge indeed but it's quite possible to do it! This challenge will run from January 01 2013 to December 31, 2013. The level I choose will be Page (25 books) although I may upgrade to a level higher later. This is hosted by Sarah of Workaday Reads.

As of right now, this post is still being set up. Check back later.

2013 Ebook Challenge

The 2013 Ebook Challenge is a challenge to read a set amount of books in electronic format. Any genre or length of books counts, as long as it's in ebook format. This challenge will run from January 01, 2013 till December 31, 2013. The level I choose will be Memory Stick (50 ebooks) although I may upgrade to a higher level later. This is hosted by Sarah of Workaday Reads.

As of right now, this post is still being set up. Check back later.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just let it sink in...

Because I am taking the rest of the week to concentrate on finishing up school (I am going to New Jersey to spend time with that special someone for the holidays on the 6th of December), I sat down and wrote 12,526 straight words - even when I was stricken with a cold.

As a result, the final count, at least for NaNoWriMo, was 50,357 words.

Because of the massive word count, I was able to meet my goal for writing 50,000 words and more. This actually does give me the confidence to write or at least start the novel that I've wanted to write down for so long.

I just hope that the readers who signed up thus far enjoy reading it as this next chapter as it's quite long, haha.

"So what's going to become of Nebula Way now that NaNoWriMo is over?"

To be honest, I'm still writing Mermaid Tears but since the pressure to write a certain amount of words is now over, I can relax a bit. Granted, I want this novel to be published by the beginning of summer so I'll still be working on this novel.

Also, I've been thinking about turning this into yet another book review blog on top of a writing blog. I want to start reading again because I want to talk about books now. I think it'd help me as a writer to read all kinds of books anyway so maybe I could be inspired. So, yes. I am a NaNoWriMo winner for the year 2012!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Follow Friday #001: Giving Thanks

Follow Friday is hosted by Allison of Allison Can Read and Parajunkee of Parajunkee's View. Each host would provide a question as well as a new featured blog.

In any case, thank you for stopping by! Be sure to leave your link in the comments so I could help spread the love!

Q. What blog are you thankful for?

I would say I'm most certainly thankful for Ariel Avalon's blog simply because she introduced the notion of blogging about writing and reading. I recently started to get interested in reading books again and, not only that, I wanted to make a blog anyway for NaNoWriMo (I should really finish up this month's word count!) so I could keep track of my thoughts and maybe get inspiration from them.

I never realized how many book bloggers there actually were until I started to delve deeper into this hobby! Thank you so much, Ariel. Without you, I don't think Nebula Way would ever come into existence the way it has.

Also, I hope those of you shopping are safe and I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adding new things to the usual space.

Ruby Heart from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (video game)
Ugh, I am so sorry about the lack of updates! School is coming to a close and with finals over the horizon, I've been working extremely hard on my studies. However, I did up my word count again.

My word count tonight is 9,391 words which brings up my total word count to 37,831 words! Yay!

In any case, I've added a writer's twitter @lmc_hudson - please feel free to follow and tweet at me! Most likely you'll find links and updates regarding Mermaid Tears.

Anyway, lately I've been thinking about selling my novel for publication but where? How?

I could go the self-publish route but then I see something like the Amazon KDP program. I didn't know where else to turn to but thankfully in Monday's post on Wise Words (Louise Wise's blog): Questions answered about Amazon's KDP. I find it's extremely informative and makes me want to pass this idea to my editors. Hmmm... Not sure. I'm mostly writing as a hobby but I would love to put forth my (so-called?) talent in the world for sale to see if other people beyond my group of friends would purchase it.

I think this will be useful to other authors out there so I would say: Pass the word!

Monday, November 12, 2012

ZenWriter: A new appreciation for silence.

As you know, this is the twelfth day of Christmas I mean NaNoWriMo and it seems that people, up and including me, are falling behind. The stress of the holidays are almost upon us starting with Thanksgiving and then shortly the Christmas shopping season. Forget about it if you even have plans for the seasons!

And especially if you're a student! Work is starting to pile up, you're starting to study for finals and the pressure to pass (and graduate) is starting to weigh in your nerves. Then you remembered, "Oh yeah, that novel thing. I should really catch up on that!"

Have no fear because ZenWriter is here!

I found this program when Beck gave me a link to fulfill his own NaNoWriMo in our NaNo Skype group one day on Tumblr. I was feeling somewhat skeptical of it only because it seemed like yet another program that took up space in my computer and it wouldn't help. But then I realized that I wanted to reach my goal by the end of the weekend - I wanted to be at least halfway done before the weekend was up.
Believe, you will need headphones!

I tried to focus but I couldn't because everything distracted me. I've installed FocalFilter but that helped very little!

"All right, all right," I said to myself as I downloaded it. It was a simple download and didn't take very long to install. When I opened it, I didn't expect to see a full screen and very easy to use program.

Since I was so determined to make it to 25K, I turned on the music and started to type. Next thing I know, my writing becomes more detailed and I'm actually working. I can feel what they feel and experience everything alongside with them.

Have I actually started my story yet?

Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy 9 (video game)
You know, after I finished writing last night, I started wonder if I had even scratched the surface. A major part of my initial worry about doing NaNoWriMo was that I wouldn't have enough words or events going on in my novel (or, something I thought was going to be originally, a novella) but as it turns out, I think I'm going to be just fine.

How do I know this? For the plain and simple fact that last night, I wrote 9,260 words last night which brought my word count up to 28,440 words. Looking at my percentage, that brings me up to 56% and I just finished writing chapter six.

Chapter six! Maybe since it's only the first draft right now, I feel slightly more confident with Mermaid Tears getting that kickstart into the actual story. What is the actual story besides Misora's struggle to cope with her past? The actual story is pretty much Misora trying to protect herself from the humans and from being caught. That's really all I want to say about it. Maybe it'll turn into a series after all..

As for the secret to how I wrote so much, that's going to be in the next post because I need to write my diary entries.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tips for the Selfless Writer: How to Inspire Yourself

Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (cartoon)
As I'm going through this month of NaNoWriMo, a lot of my friends are coming up to me with story updates, world-building questions, and possible even plot devices to help move their plots along.

And I don't mind. That's what friends are for, right? However, I turn to them with similar problems and they're just as stuck as I am or they have personal business to attend to. That's fine! I'm not asking them to be at my beck and call.

So, since I'm better at giving advice to others than to myself, feel free to use these tips for more than NaNoWriMo, fanfiction writers, published novelists & authors, and anyone who feels that they can't give advice to yourself but could give endless to others: I hope I solved some of your problems!

Some of these tips may work for fantasy stories but please don't disregard them anyway! It might be helpful to know later!

  • Relax. It's okay to not know everything about your characters, world, etc right away (unless you're a fanfic writer but even then you need to follow this tip). That's the beauty of a novel! Take a deep breath through the mouth and breathe out through your nose. If you have to do this over and over, that's fine. As a nervous person by nature, my mind is going a million miles per hour and it's so full of "What Ifs" even for every day situations. You're going to fail sometimes and you're going to win sometimes. And that's okay.
  • Let the characters work with you - not against. Sometimes you want to create a detailed outline, down to the words they're going to say and it doesn't help. In fact, it's one of the main reasons why I get writer's block myself. If you've put down in your outline or planned for the character to end up in the clothing store from the concession stand, let them look at the fountains. Let them look at the couple arguing. If you're trying to control every little thing your characters do, they're going to rebel. They're not going to work with you and you'll be stuck.
  • Let the world build on its own. I know it's exciting to create a world just for you where you want flying unicorns with lasers attached to their heads. But what if those unicorns want those lasers on their hooves instead? Granted, you're giving your reader (and characters) a tour of your world and some things can work however, you're also discovering the world along with them. There may be a culture you've yet to discover!
  • Always ask "Why?" or "What is the significance?" When writing, you always want to ask yourself why certain items, people, or events are important. Will it impact the story later? Why? Will this come up later in the journey or mystery? Why? And my favorite thing to do is to ask why after I answered why. Like, why is noting someone's necklace important? Because it's the amulet to the answer to the mystery. Why is it the answer to the mystery? A wizard made it important. And so on!
  • The world is ripe for inspiration! Some people may choose to not touch anything remotely relevant to their subject, and that's perfectly acceptable. However, I'm not like that. I have to eat up from my daily life to my favorite cartoons and anime. The key is not trying to figure out what's inspiration and what's not - the key, in my opinion, is finding out what inspiration helps your story progress more.
  • Most importantly, relax! No, but seriously, relax. I know you're the only one who's telling your world's and your character(s)'s story - but, especially if you think you can create more books and create a series, it's okay. Heck, even if it's just one book, it's going to flow. It's going to be fine. No, it really is!
And that's all the tips I have. If you have more, feel free to leave a comment! 

Am I back on track?

Misuzu from AIR TV (anime & visual novel)
It took me a few days but I think I'm back on track but I didn't think I expected to write this much!

For chapter 5, I wrote 5,194 words which brings my total to a whopping 19,180 words! Gah! So close to 20k!

Some of the words actually came from my old poems. You see, in this chapter, Misora walks into a bookstore and grabbed a random book and read some poems. All the poems included are: "Admire From Afar", "Deeply", "I Hold in My Hand", "One Little Flower", "Enough I's", and "Death's Mighty Fist".

All of them came from me when I was about 13-15 years old. I have other poems I didn't put in this (but may be in future chapters, I'm not sure yet). Now I sort of have an anecdote to go with one of the poems, particularly "I Hold in My Hand".

Anyway, they had a contest going on and my English teacher at the time had told me that I should enter the contest. This was the beginning of a long road trip to me realizing how much I love to write but I wrote the poem, "I Hold in My Hand" for the contest. I actually don't remember what the name of the contest was but I do remember it was a contest for the arts (writing, drawing, painting, etc).

I submitted it but I lost. They had told my teacher, who told me that, that I could remove a single line from my poem in order to make it the winner but I didn't want to. From what I remember, they had thought the line was "too deep" to come from a middle school student. I thought the line was what brought the poem together so I told them that they should accept it or I won't accept it. They pretty just chose someone else in the end. My teacher was mad at them for me but as long as I kept my poem the way I wanted it, I didn't care whether or not people thought it was good.

I actually do remember the line that they wanted to remove but I'm going to have a little contest. If you do read the poem, "I Hold in My Hand" in the chapter, I'll write a diary entry for whatever of the main characters you want: Alicia, Damien, Puck, Micah, Andrew, Misora, or Michelle and you might get to get a cameo in my story (in any random chapter)!

Leave a comment or email me with the line and if you're correct, you're the winner! Just know that it's first come, first served so whoever gets it first - the contest will end.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Oops. I sort of disappeared...

Mutta Nanba from Uchuu Kyoudai (anime)
So if you've been keeping up with me personally, you'd know I suddenly got hit with personal problems and my reasons why I was especially worried with the United States presidential elections. As a result, it cost me a couple days of chapters. Well, three if you count yesterday.

Since I have a problem with getting past chapter six (as evidenced in my fanfiction except one), I'm going to take a little break from writing any more chapters since I have some extra time now. For now, I'm going to be working on my outline because I didn't finish it when I planned to. Again, that's due to personal problems. Thankfully most things are sorted out for now and I just gotta get back into gear.

Earlier I was reading this entry on Writing While the Rice Boils, and I've done the first few things already. But then the guest writer had put this down:

Create a flexible plot outline. To coincide with this idea, if you have yet to do so, create a plot outline for your novel, starting with the parts of the main plot you know are critical to the story, and then fill in the outline with the critical parts of the subplots and how you can realistically connect them. Keeping your outline generalized will give you the opportunity to mix-and-match your ideas as you go along, making it easier to enhance what you've currently written, and get rid of the ideas that no longer suit the direction you wish to go in.

I say "if you have yet to do so," because I'm hoping there are writers out there who began their novel, introduced their main characters, main plot, and subplots, and then wrote an outline for the rest of the novel to coincide with what was already written. I'm hoping, because this is what I did. The idea for my novel had been simmering in my mind for about three years before I actually sat down and began writing it, and once the introductory chapters were complete, I then wrote an outline for the rest of the novel to make sure all characters and plots would be developed according to my goals.

Outlines and planning are an important part of the writing process, but there is no one way to go about doing it. You have to find the method that works for you. This will take a lot of experimenting, but the outcome will be very rewarding.

I think this process is actually helping me out! So if you're looking for the past few days' worth of chapters - don't worry! I'll have them done and e-mailed to you!

In any case, for now, I'll be trying to gather inspiration and trudging along to make up for the past chapters as well as adding the characters diary entries. Today's question is: what helps you write? What do you do when you hit a rut?

Before I go, I want to add that if you want to help the survivors and victims of Hurricane Sandy, please know there's going to be an auction starting on November 12, 2012 (Monday) on Joanne Levy's blog. If you want to donate for this cause, please email kidlitcares[at]joannelevy[dot]com. If there is nothing that interests you, please donate to the Red Cross.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Short of awkwardness.

Conrad from Kyou Kara Maoh! (anime)
Tonight was sort of a let down. Not in a bad way, though, I think it's because it's half of it is because every little thing is distracting me from writing my chapter (don't worry, I did get it done!) and the other half is that I have to go to bed early tonight.

The only reason why I would go to bed early is because of classes. It's only on Mondays and Wednesdays so it's not completely meaningless. At least, maybe, I could jot some notes on the way to school or during my dad. I'll have more free time during Monday  Wednesday nights.

Anyway on to actually talk about the details of the story. We got a sneak peek at one of Puck's other powers: the ability to turn into a human. At what risk? Well, you'll just have to see whenever it's polished. I think I've gained about four editors: Ashu, Beck, Mercedes  and Sarah - all of whom are my dearest and closest friends. And I think I'm starting to get the hang of writing male characters! I guess we'll see.

For word count though, tonight the entire chapter tonight was worth 2721 words which brings my word count to a new total of 13986 words.

I bet the next question would be: what's with all these anime and video game characters in my posts? Simply, my characters had to come from somewhere and since I'm a huge fan of anime, manga, video games and other media, well, I got inspired. I can't draw or anything so perhaps this is the next best thing. Either looks or personality traits, there's just something about these characters that somehow reminds me of mine. Maybe these pictures will help you give you an image of how the characters are supposed to look like or act!

How do you get inspired for your characters in your novel or other original works?

Sunday, November 04, 2012

I think I got a routine down!

May from Guilty Gear (video game)
So finally, it seems I got a routine down. Because I'm a student by daylight and a magical girl writer by moonlight, I seem to finally develop. You see, there's not a lot to do at night and I don't like writing during the day. That's when I get my studying done, errands, and other responsibilities I have. I figured - at least it'll be the last thing I have to do during these nights I stay up. Productive, right?

At least, that's what I keep telling myself! In any case, I want to start a mailing list of people who want to read my (clearly unedited) novel as I'm working on it. I've mentioned on my About page that I write fanfiction. You can find my FanFiction.Net page here: Yamato's Tiger Lily (hush, I was a big Digimon fan back in the day). I noticed that whenever people would comment on my work (constructive criticism or just all out praise) I would want to write more and I work harder to do so. I've already had one friend whom I send emails to whenever I update a new chapter but I wonder if there were more. If that was the case, the link to the form is right here and I will email you whenever I finish the next chapter as well as a link to a blog post anytime an important one is posted.

Also, I'm going to keep it open until it's the tenth chapter (so about seven more chapters) so if you want to sign up, please do it soon!

Don't worry! I'm not going to give out your email! In a way, this is just my own supporter group through email, heh.

In any case, I decided to give myself a little bit of a challenge. Since I seem to update one chapter a night, I could write in the perspective of any of my seven main characters and post an excerpt (to read the full chapter, you'd have to sign up to get it via email). I think this will give me a great chance to flesh out my characters a bit more and practice with their voices since they're extremely different from one another! What do you think? Do you have any challenges you do to keep your head in NaNoWriMo?

Before I start, I just wanted to say that today I wrote 3,201 words today and it brought my total to: 11265! Finally, my first 10K!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

First few chapter woes already?

Temporary Cover
So I just now finished only my second chapter now. I actually hit sort of a roadblock because my main main female character, Misora, decided to mess around with me (the one who's helping her tell her story) and with poor Puck's life in this chapter. It kind of sucks because I already know how she is and have her personality down but I guess she really does hate authority on telling her what to do. That's fine, Misora. Just stick to the main outline and we'll be good!

In the prologue, the Goddess Maya (set in the world of Naadra), wanted to tell the story and wanted to make sure she knows the cause of the rising waters. I don't know. I feel kind it's kind of disjointed and it doesn't help that Maya wanted to get on these tangents about her Thoughts on Yaoi Humans. It helps with the word count though it's just annoying to deal with it. Thankfully, Maya at least wanted to give Misora a chance to start her story finally. Here's actually an excerpt from the prologue if you wanted to read a little bit of it (and to hopefully understand):

Let start at the beginning, as all legends do.

The humans had gotten quite arrogant of their technology advances and their expanding knowledge and exploration beyond what they know. As such, they’ve poisoned my planet, the sole thing I’m responsible for. To be quite honest, I hate humans. I don’t care about them. Sure they worship me and everything they think I stand for – morality, trust, love, family, and use my name for corruption and death. Murders and rapes. Hate and fear.

No, that’s why I hate them so much. I don’t care about them. They’re not there just to survive – that’s some other deity’s problem. Of course whenever that deity does anything special for them, these so-called miracles, they thank me and not them. As a result, I became angry and started to drown them out. They all thought it was the other deity but even that deity chose to accept the responsibility only because they are so tired of being misunderstood and being used as an excuse to bring down the heathens. What heathens? Humans are heathens. They are selfish creatures.

Anyway, I’m getting too ahead of myself. You don’t want to read this diatribe. You want to know more about these humans. Fine.

The waters started to rise because our combined punishments. We’re tired of being mistreated. The humans at first ignored the waters until hundreds drowned. Then those hundreds became thousands and soon millions. Finally, they understood our threat although they claim it’s nature. Do these humans why nature is as nature does?

In Naadra, there many fantastical creatures and they’re just like humans. They walk among them and even marry them on occasion. I don’t look down upon love. I look down upon hate and ignorance.
Go away, Maya! This isn't your story! Maybe I'll consider writing your legends out later but eh. As I even read the excerpt myself, I noticed that I forgot... words again. *facepalm* But! Gotta remember! NaNoWriMo is not about your inner editor, it's about output and output I shall do!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Whoo-hoo! The first post!

I think this is the most exciting part of any blog, right? The first post! Hmm. What should I talk about for the first post?

Maybe with what I plan to do? Sounds like a good idea.

Generally, I'm going to use this blog for writing, musings, etc. Although NaNoWriMo started yesterday, I might post things here that bothers me about my muses, plot holes, other literary junk that I can think of for my novel, Mermaid Tears. If you want to know the synopsis, you can read it down below:

The waters are literally rising and the humans have to survive. One day, a scientist fell in love with a mermaid and he entered her world. He learned things that he promised to keep secret but he was so entranced by what he saw, he relayed it to the others anyway. Desperate to save themselves, the humans launched a secret genocide and the capturing of the mermaids to discover their secret of how to survive underwater.

Then the experiments began and more secrets are born. The general public are unaware with what happened with the mermaids - only they've simply vanished. Mermaids who become humans are those who have passed the secret to the scientists with promise of freedom but instead, forces them to stay within the confines of the prison camp - never seeing the ocean again.

Misora, a daughter of one such mermaid, manages to escape and is rescued by a young, naive sailor by the name of Damien. How could she trust this human? How could she trust her instincts? How could she trust herself?

But yeah. I've always enjoyed fantasy but a lot of the books that I've seen around tend to be boring and so... dry. I want to be be thrown into a world full of intrigue and everything. I'm hoping I could do that with this year's NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck! And if you want, you can add me as a writing buddy! I wouldn't mind any one asking about their stories either!

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be talking about what I'm going to do with this blog. Got sidetracked already...

Anyway, yeah. I'm probably going to post some reviews on here whenever I get a chance to pay attention long enough to read a book/short story long enough to really make note of it. As for my plans for my novel after NaNo, well, to be honest, I would love to get it published and maybe earn a little bit of money if only because these characters I'm writing (with the exception of two) have been in my brain for many, many years.

So yeah. Please expect lots of muse talking, character development as well as probable plot holes and ideas that I'd like to use for later.

My, this was wordy...