Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adding new things to the usual space.

Ruby Heart from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (video game)
Ugh, I am so sorry about the lack of updates! School is coming to a close and with finals over the horizon, I've been working extremely hard on my studies. However, I did up my word count again.

My word count tonight is 9,391 words which brings up my total word count to 37,831 words! Yay!

In any case, I've added a writer's twitter @lmc_hudson - please feel free to follow and tweet at me! Most likely you'll find links and updates regarding Mermaid Tears.

Anyway, lately I've been thinking about selling my novel for publication but where? How?

I could go the self-publish route but then I see something like the Amazon KDP program. I didn't know where else to turn to but thankfully in Monday's post on Wise Words (Louise Wise's blog): Questions answered about Amazon's KDP. I find it's extremely informative and makes me want to pass this idea to my editors. Hmmm... Not sure. I'm mostly writing as a hobby but I would love to put forth my (so-called?) talent in the world for sale to see if other people beyond my group of friends would purchase it.

I think this will be useful to other authors out there so I would say: Pass the word!

This time, Misora has gone way too far! I don't know what the hell her problem was but she embarrassed not just Damien and I but she embarrassed the entire crew of the Ruby Heart! I had to leave her and Damien.

May from Guilty Gear (video game)
It was probably extremely unrefined of me to scold her like a child - but while she may have the body of a woman, she still very much has the mind of one. She needs to learn to at least retain her negative emotions.

Already feeling backed against a corner, Misora sat down on the now cold and extremely dirty ground as she glanced up with her dark, scared eyes. The woman’s green eye seemed to shine through the darkness of the coming dusk and with her fury. “You,” Alicia started, her voice absolutely covered in anger, “need to make a decision right now. Do you want to be part of the Ruby Heart crew?”

Misora kept her mouth shut.

She slammed her fist against the wall. Misora saw the red blood that started to come out.

“Answer me!!” Alicia yelled out.

“Y-yes! Yes, I do!”

“Then stop starting trouble! You are becoming a liability if not already! Luck seems to be following you since those people excused your behavior between you and that other woman. I don’t care what issues you have between you and her – I don’t.

“You need to stop acting like a child and do some growing up, young lady. If you’re going to be on my ship, here are some rules: Number one, you’re responsible for yourself. Number two, you work, you eat. Number three, if you have a problem with someone outside the ship, think about this: You are a worker, nay, a servant to a Captain Alicia Bardway. You represent me and the Ruby Heart.

“Are you understanding me correctly? Do I have to speak it in Elvish or even in some other foreign language? I cannot have constant fights and constant debts that keep building up because someone on the ship cannot keep her temper at bay and cannot act professionally.

“I am a Captain, indeed, but I will leave you ashore and banish you permanently off the Ruby Heart if you do not watch yourself. Damien may be taking you under his wing but you need to think about this – your well-being isn’t just on the line, his is too. Do you even care about Damien? I need to know now, Misora!” By now, Misora nodded her head eagerly.

Alicia finally backed off. She inhaled through her nose and released it when she opened her mouth. She turned away from the frightened woman and seemed to relax. Without looking at her, the now calm woman continued. “Behave yourself, Misora. That’s all I’m asking. We really don’t have to take care of you but if you keep doing this, fighting, no regard for authority, I’ll have to kick you out.”

“In other words,” she said as she turned around. “This is your final warning. Mess up big like this again, and I will have no choice but to kick you out. I know Damien likes you and it’ll kill him to see you leave. I don’t know how you feel about him but at least keep his feelings in regard before you do something stupid again.” The woman walked to Misora and picked her up by her arm again. “Now get up. I was planning on taking you shopping tonight but I’m in no mood. I would suggest to reflect on this conversation.”

Then she walked off

Although it is strange. The workers of The Skeleton Key insisted I take the food for Andrew, Michelle, and Micah for free instead of me paying for them. They also refused to take money for our meals and dessert as well.

"Traitor"? Why did that blonde hair woman kept calling her that? There may be more to Misora's story than I originally interpreted. Hanging out here in the inn reminds me of my younger days. I ordered some wine to help relax my nerves and from lashing out anyone else. There was also a very attractive woman who caught my eye but I didn't pay her any mind other when I first saw her.

Anyway, I know she's in good hands. Damien would protect her even from that vile old woman Grandmother Boggins. I don't know why he insists on visiting that Elvish woman who does nothing but criticize me and my past. Perhaps it was a good idea for me to not join them tonight. I've been developing a headache since I've yelled at Misora.

Perhaps it's best I should get some sleep. It's rather late. Even though I do not care for the woman herself, I hope Damien brings me some of Grandmother Boggins's pie. That woman could bake delicious cherry cobblers.


  1. I went the Amazon route because I'm very impatient and old and I might not live long enough for one thousand rejection letters to garner a sell. But you're young, you have time. I'm a new follower. Please consider following me.
    Java With Jambor

    1. Hm, I can understand that. :) Like I said though, I'm just wanting to see if I could make it in the industry!

      Thank you for the follow! I shall go follow you back!

  2. What I decided that I am going to do, is I am going to publish mine in the KDP Select program at first. Then, once the first three months pass and I can publish elsewhere as well, then I will move it to the KDP and publish on Smashwords so I can get my novel out to the rest of the places.

    1. That seems like a pretty good plan. It's probably a good idea to start with that program. I anticipate your posts about it!


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