Saturday, November 10, 2012

Am I back on track?

Misuzu from AIR TV (anime & visual novel)
It took me a few days but I think I'm back on track but I didn't think I expected to write this much!

For chapter 5, I wrote 5,194 words which brings my total to a whopping 19,180 words! Gah! So close to 20k!

Some of the words actually came from my old poems. You see, in this chapter, Misora walks into a bookstore and grabbed a random book and read some poems. All the poems included are: "Admire From Afar", "Deeply", "I Hold in My Hand", "One Little Flower", "Enough I's", and "Death's Mighty Fist".

All of them came from me when I was about 13-15 years old. I have other poems I didn't put in this (but may be in future chapters, I'm not sure yet). Now I sort of have an anecdote to go with one of the poems, particularly "I Hold in My Hand".

Anyway, they had a contest going on and my English teacher at the time had told me that I should enter the contest. This was the beginning of a long road trip to me realizing how much I love to write but I wrote the poem, "I Hold in My Hand" for the contest. I actually don't remember what the name of the contest was but I do remember it was a contest for the arts (writing, drawing, painting, etc).

I submitted it but I lost. They had told my teacher, who told me that, that I could remove a single line from my poem in order to make it the winner but I didn't want to. From what I remember, they had thought the line was "too deep" to come from a middle school student. I thought the line was what brought the poem together so I told them that they should accept it or I won't accept it. They pretty just chose someone else in the end. My teacher was mad at them for me but as long as I kept my poem the way I wanted it, I didn't care whether or not people thought it was good.

I actually do remember the line that they wanted to remove but I'm going to have a little contest. If you do read the poem, "I Hold in My Hand" in the chapter, I'll write a diary entry for whatever of the main characters you want: Alicia, Damien, Puck, Micah, Andrew, Misora, or Michelle and you might get to get a cameo in my story (in any random chapter)!

Leave a comment or email me with the line and if you're correct, you're the winner! Just know that it's first come, first served so whoever gets it first - the contest will end.

Kyoko from Time Stranger Kyoko (graphic novel)
I don't know what's wrong with everyone. Puck turned human and tried to kiss me and don't get me started on Damien. Captain Alicia scares me but I think I'm starting to respect her.

Is this what respect is like? It's kind of weird. I hate the scientists though so I don't know about this Andrew person. After he looked at me, I wonder if he thinks I'm an idiot.

I'm not! How'd you like if you were banned from reading, from learning for 10 years?!! Jerk. I'm glad I could remember my name though. It's such a small thing to these humans but to me, and the other mermaids back at that awful place, it means the world. I just want to be able to read again.

I miss reading. And I really liked that bookstore. What was it called again? The Bookworm? I thought the owner was weird. I mean, he had yellow and green eyes and something was off about his skin. I can't put my finger on it but since we're leaving to somewhere else I guess it's not that big of a deal... But it keeps bothering me, even now. Do humans feel differently from each other?

Do they feel like that?

“Are you new around here?” Misora felt like he could see right through her. She started to stammer and stutter some more before the man started to laugh. “Don’t worry, young miss! I came to Moore’s Mill when I was a younger sailor myself. Instead of sailing actual lands, I decided to stay, settle down, and start a new adventure but with words. I’ve seen people come and go with these worlds in their hands. And you’re no different.”

“Tell me, what is your name?” He backed off as the two made their way to the aisle and started to walk. Misora grabbed a strand of hair and played with it. She didn’t seem to look at anything in particular.

“Misora, my name is Misora.”

It feels so good to say that, she thought as she tried to fight off the warming feeling.

“That’s an unusual name. Usually the creatures have names like that. Are you human, girl?”

She nearly froze. No, he can’t know!

“U-uh I was a slave, you see,” she said as she tried to calm herself. She kept playing with that strand of hair. “My mother was always reading books about strange creatures behind our masters’ backs. Heh. She picked that name from one of those; I guess…I don’t know the meaning.”

The man stared at her for a bit but nodded his head. “I see, I see; it seems that your mother was interested in mermaid lore. Only mermaids have their names ending in a while the males’ names ended with an e. That’s very fascinating.”

Misora still felt nervous.

That was a close call! She thought as she slowly relaxed.

“Do you know if your master was a customer of mine? We do sell very rare books about the merfolk. They disappeared long ago, you see.”

Crap! Misora thought as she tried to figure out another lie. “Uh,” she started, “I don’t remember much about my master! I just have bits and pieces of them. I just remember mermaid books…and the fact that my name is Misora!” She tried to look sullen and her eyes, thankfully, darkened but it was more out of fear instead of actual sadness.

Once again, there was a pause between the two of them. Misora hoped he hadn’t figured it out.

“And these markings on your neck?” Misora nearly froze in place.

“Permanent scars,” she lied again.

“Your masters?”

She stared at him for a little bit of time. She realized that his eyes were a strange mixture of yellow and green but she couldn’t look away. However, someone entered the shop when the two heard a bell go off.

“We’ll discuss this later,” he said. “I have a customer. Feel free to look around and read a book! There are seats along with some tea in the back. It was very nice to meet you, Misora.” He extended out a hand and she observed it.

She didn’t want him to leave him like that so she extended her own hand and clasped it to shake. It felt oddly rather warm and leathery. She couldn’t explain why but she didn’t want to say anything out loud.
I really really hope he didn't figure out I'm a mermaid! I can't afford to have him going after me. It's a very awful feeling. I keep thinking something is behind me or watching me. They want me to be calm and stuff but that would be the perfect time to strike, right? I really hope the shipmates, that's what they're called, on the Ruby Heart won't desert me when I'll need them the most.

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