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First few chapter woes already?

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So I just now finished only my second chapter now. I actually hit sort of a roadblock because my main main female character, Misora, decided to mess around with me (the one who's helping her tell her story) and with poor Puck's life in this chapter. It kind of sucks because I already know how she is and have her personality down but I guess she really does hate authority on telling her what to do. That's fine, Misora. Just stick to the main outline and we'll be good!

In the prologue, the Goddess Maya (set in the world of Naadra), wanted to tell the story and wanted to make sure she knows the cause of the rising waters. I don't know. I feel kind it's kind of disjointed and it doesn't help that Maya wanted to get on these tangents about her Thoughts on Yaoi Humans. It helps with the word count though it's just annoying to deal with it. Thankfully, Maya at least wanted to give Misora a chance to start her story finally. Here's actually an excerpt from the prologue if you wanted to read a little bit of it (and to hopefully understand):

Let start at the beginning, as all legends do.

The humans had gotten quite arrogant of their technology advances and their expanding knowledge and exploration beyond what they know. As such, they’ve poisoned my planet, the sole thing I’m responsible for. To be quite honest, I hate humans. I don’t care about them. Sure they worship me and everything they think I stand for – morality, trust, love, family, and use my name for corruption and death. Murders and rapes. Hate and fear.

No, that’s why I hate them so much. I don’t care about them. They’re not there just to survive – that’s some other deity’s problem. Of course whenever that deity does anything special for them, these so-called miracles, they thank me and not them. As a result, I became angry and started to drown them out. They all thought it was the other deity but even that deity chose to accept the responsibility only because they are so tired of being misunderstood and being used as an excuse to bring down the heathens. What heathens? Humans are heathens. They are selfish creatures.

Anyway, I’m getting too ahead of myself. You don’t want to read this diatribe. You want to know more about these humans. Fine.

The waters started to rise because our combined punishments. We’re tired of being mistreated. The humans at first ignored the waters until hundreds drowned. Then those hundreds became thousands and soon millions. Finally, they understood our threat although they claim it’s nature. Do these humans why nature is as nature does?

In Naadra, there many fantastical creatures and they’re just like humans. They walk among them and even marry them on occasion. I don’t look down upon love. I look down upon hate and ignorance.
Go away, Maya! This isn't your story! Maybe I'll consider writing your legends out later but eh. As I even read the excerpt myself, I noticed that I forgot... words again. *facepalm* But! Gotta remember! NaNoWriMo is not about your inner editor, it's about output and output I shall do!

The first chapter isn't so bad though. Misora seemed to handle everything as well as I'd expect her to especially once I consider everything I put her through. Maybe that's why she fought with me so hard tonight... Blah.

I mean, read this part! Even I don't blame her for acting out like that! (warning: f-bombs!):

Then she felt a sharp pain fly across the scar on her left cheek. She let out a yelp.

“Experiment 14657, don’t you dare demand such a thing to me ever again. I am the authority figure. You are just another experiment number to me. Your life does not matter to me. I brought you in this world and I can take you out.”

Those words were so familiar but it didn’t hurt any less. Her blue eyes darkened. She heard this too many times before.

“See? Look what you’ve made me do. “

Misora started to cry. The scientist grabbed a vile and collected before it stopped flowing. He placed a top cover on it.

“I know it’s hard and you’ve endured so much already but you don’t understand,” he tried to reason as he got out a device known as the Leash. The Leash is a device that wraps around the neck and is attached to a strand of light that if touched, could burn the skin. There’s also a set of cuffs for the wrists if needed. Misora learned not to touch that part. “You’ve got to understand our position! You need to take care of us!”

Now the scientist unchained her and placed the Leash’s cuffs on her wrists. “Believe me, we are most grateful for your and everyone else’s contributions. But you must know you and the other Experiments must have your names taken away. You don’t understand.”

He brought her close and rubbed her red and brown hair. The scene would have been more serene if it weren’t for the existence of the Leash. Misora then started to struggle and bit the man’s shoulder. The man howled in pain and bled. He slapped her again and his slap was powerful enough to send her to the ground as he grasped his shoulder as the blood came out.

“You fucking savage! Here I am, about to give you your privileges when you’ve been good but just for that you can fucking forget it!” He dragged across the floor even as Misora screamed and continued to fight but she tried to avoid the Leash’s light. He pulled and purposely dragged her into things and harmed her – creating bruises and scars. He didn’t care if he broke any glass – as long as Misora was punished.

Hmm. Perhaps it was punishment for all that? I hope not! Tonight, I only put out  2,539 words! That's a bit more than what I should be putting forth in a day but still. Compared to the amount I had put just for the prologue and the first chapter, I think part of it is that I'm putting too much pressure on myself. That's it! I have to tell myself "it's okay to be slow - just write out the words and make your goal"! One chapter a day (with meeting at least the minimum of course) I think part of it has to do with the fact that I see people on the NaNoWriMo forums already hitting 10k and I actually saw someone hit 50K already... I'm just left wondering: How is that possible?! And then I look at the time stamp earlier that it was posted a day or so ago. That's crazy!

In grand total, my word count total is right now 8064 words. That's still pretty good for the third day, right? I haven't hit my first 10k yet and I hopefully should by the end of the weekend. But we shall see.

At any rate, I've somewhat introduced Damien and Andrew and I need to formally introduce Alicia but all in due time. Hopefully, wild Misora could at least be happy I gave her this in chapter two:

Puck ignored her question as he flew out and tried as best he could to direct the barrel towards the shoreline, if his navigations were correct. It took him a bit but he started to push it. It had been night time and Puck tried to push it all during the night. Eventually, he found some rope that happened to be floating by. As part of an ingenious plan, he decided to tie the rope around himself and flew ahead so his wings could do the propelling instead using what little strength he even had left.

Misora sat back in the bottom of the barrel and just placed her head against the wood. The soft gentle sounds of the ocean lulled her into sleep. She felt so comforted for the first time since she had left. The ocean always soothed her as a child, even before she was thrown in the actual prison. Misora would often dream of swimming in the oceans in her true mermaid form – happy and among other nameless and faceless mermaids.

Would they be my friends? Misora often wondered. Not surprising, she never found her mother in her dreams and neither would her father be there. In fact, Misora didn’t even know who he was. He could have been anyone. In the Labyrinth of Redemption and not know it. And yet despite her not knowing, she never really asked. It was always her and her mother.

But these dreams are where she would escape to. She was herself. She was free. Misora would always forget what kind of games she and the other mermaids would play. She would often wonder what it’d be like to have a home underwater. Maybe when she’s feeling better, she could go underwater and start exploring. She could ditch the faerie and swim away from everything: her past, these awful, wretched humans, and more importantly her pain.

Hopefully tomorrow's entry would be shorter than this. Hmmm. Although if I do get stuck again, there's always this helpful Tumblr post of links! Until next time!


  1. OMG someone hit 50k already? Without giving themselves a headstart in October? They must've just written all day with no stops. I feel so behind. I haven't even hit 5000k yet. Close, but not quite.

    1. You're fine! I'm just an overachiever! I believe in you!


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