Sunday, November 04, 2012

I think I got a routine down!

May from Guilty Gear (video game)
So finally, it seems I got a routine down. Because I'm a student by daylight and a magical girl writer by moonlight, I seem to finally develop. You see, there's not a lot to do at night and I don't like writing during the day. That's when I get my studying done, errands, and other responsibilities I have. I figured - at least it'll be the last thing I have to do during these nights I stay up. Productive, right?

At least, that's what I keep telling myself! In any case, I want to start a mailing list of people who want to read my (clearly unedited) novel as I'm working on it. I've mentioned on my About page that I write fanfiction. You can find my FanFiction.Net page here: Yamato's Tiger Lily (hush, I was a big Digimon fan back in the day). I noticed that whenever people would comment on my work (constructive criticism or just all out praise) I would want to write more and I work harder to do so. I've already had one friend whom I send emails to whenever I update a new chapter but I wonder if there were more. If that was the case, the link to the form is right here and I will email you whenever I finish the next chapter as well as a link to a blog post anytime an important one is posted.

Also, I'm going to keep it open until it's the tenth chapter (so about seven more chapters) so if you want to sign up, please do it soon!

Don't worry! I'm not going to give out your email! In a way, this is just my own supporter group through email, heh.

In any case, I decided to give myself a little bit of a challenge. Since I seem to update one chapter a night, I could write in the perspective of any of my seven main characters and post an excerpt (to read the full chapter, you'd have to sign up to get it via email). I think this will give me a great chance to flesh out my characters a bit more and practice with their voices since they're extremely different from one another! What do you think? Do you have any challenges you do to keep your head in NaNoWriMo?

Before I start, I just wanted to say that today I wrote 3,201 words today and it brought my total to: 11265! Finally, my first 10K!

Ruby Heart from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (video game)
I don't understand why Damien always have to see the good in everyone. As a captain of the Ruby Heart, I have to make sure my crew, my cargo, and myself are safe. That girl that Damien brought in annoys the hell out of me. And not for the reasons you think she does. The Angel's Glow Captain League were more of a pain than usual but get a bunch of men together and already they want to whip it out.

Feh. I don't understand them - couldn't they have respected me more? Of course not. They know my past and they frequently use it as the butt of their jokes.

And they get worse especially when I need them for a favor.

One of the things that really angered me was not so much the fact that she threw my prized lamp (one that had a lot of sentimental value to it) - but how she so much disrespected me when I did so much for her. And I did it all on Damien's usual whims of optimism. I love the boy and his heart is generally in the right place. Sometimes though... For the five years he's been on the ship, I've seen Damien try to understand the "other side" and granted, it has saved us a heap of trouble.

But I don't about this girl. Look how she treated me the night I came back from the Angel Glow's League!:

“So you’re awake finally,” a voice said. It had to be the woman from before. Misora started to thrash around again until she was almost full into view. This time, instead of a frilly coat, the woman wore quite an elegant dress. Her hair was styled to a bun on the top of her head as well as some strands who escaped. Her heart shaped eye patch remained and she looked none too pleased to see Misora.

“Are you going to destroy my cabin further, girl?” It was more of a threat than a question. Misora kept a glare on as well. She couldn’t say anything – her throat was sore and it was dry. “Because I’ve had someone come in and do the calculations of the damages you have caused – just on my prized lamp alone. I’ve tried to look up some research with the Angel’s Glow Captain League tonight about you – you don’t belong to any ship. You don’t belong to anyone. In fact, you don’t even exist!”

“As such, I’ve decided to hire you on my ship. The only reason why you’re here is to repay a debt. After you’ve met your quota, you can decide whether or not to stay. Since you know how to fight, at least enough willpower, I’ll hire you as a hired hand. I’ll personally train you, of course. What do you think? Is that a good deal?” The woman came closer to her to get a proper look on her face. Misora spit in her face. Slowly, the woman rubbed off the spit, as well as some makeup.

“If you were an intruder, I’d have to kill you but because of your health and how you look so frail, I’m giving you this chance. You don’t want to die by my hands, little girl. It’s gruesome.”
And, by the Goddess, I would have done it. I was in the right mood for it, indeed. For now, though, I had been in the same bunk as Andrew since Michelle and Micah continued to refuse my orders of letting me stay with them.

Everyone is becoming insubordinate lately. I want to blame that girl but I know better than that.  I know I'm still rather sore from the altercation. I should keep my eye on her. In the meantime, I have important paperwork to go through with negotiations with the next contract from the King. Because of the damage costs, I'd have to ask for more gold to cover it as well as this girl's potential salary. Just because she owes my ship a debt doesn't mean I'm heartless enough to leave her utterly penniless.

Until then, adieu.

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