Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just let it sink in...

Because I am taking the rest of the week to concentrate on finishing up school (I am going to New Jersey to spend time with that special someone for the holidays on the 6th of December), I sat down and wrote 12,526 straight words - even when I was stricken with a cold.

As a result, the final count, at least for NaNoWriMo, was 50,357 words.

Because of the massive word count, I was able to meet my goal for writing 50,000 words and more. This actually does give me the confidence to write or at least start the novel that I've wanted to write down for so long.

I just hope that the readers who signed up thus far enjoy reading it as this next chapter as it's quite long, haha.

"So what's going to become of Nebula Way now that NaNoWriMo is over?"

To be honest, I'm still writing Mermaid Tears but since the pressure to write a certain amount of words is now over, I can relax a bit. Granted, I want this novel to be published by the beginning of summer so I'll still be working on this novel.

Also, I've been thinking about turning this into yet another book review blog on top of a writing blog. I want to start reading again because I want to talk about books now. I think it'd help me as a writer to read all kinds of books anyway so maybe I could be inspired. So, yes. I am a NaNoWriMo winner for the year 2012!


  1. Congratulations on winning! Sorry I haven't been reading the Mermaid Tears mails. Haven't had the time, but I am planning on getting to them next week and just reading them all at once.

    Reading is totally smart for an author. You need to know what is out there and it can help inspire your own work.

    1. Thank you! It's fine - I understand things are hectic right now with the holidays coming up. :) I look forward to your reviews!

      I completely agree!


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