Thursday, November 08, 2012

Oops. I sort of disappeared...

Mutta Nanba from Uchuu Kyoudai (anime)
So if you've been keeping up with me personally, you'd know I suddenly got hit with personal problems and my reasons why I was especially worried with the United States presidential elections. As a result, it cost me a couple days of chapters. Well, three if you count yesterday.

Since I have a problem with getting past chapter six (as evidenced in my fanfiction except one), I'm going to take a little break from writing any more chapters since I have some extra time now. For now, I'm going to be working on my outline because I didn't finish it when I planned to. Again, that's due to personal problems. Thankfully most things are sorted out for now and I just gotta get back into gear.

Earlier I was reading this entry on Writing While the Rice Boils, and I've done the first few things already. But then the guest writer had put this down:

Create a flexible plot outline. To coincide with this idea, if you have yet to do so, create a plot outline for your novel, starting with the parts of the main plot you know are critical to the story, and then fill in the outline with the critical parts of the subplots and how you can realistically connect them. Keeping your outline generalized will give you the opportunity to mix-and-match your ideas as you go along, making it easier to enhance what you've currently written, and get rid of the ideas that no longer suit the direction you wish to go in.

I say "if you have yet to do so," because I'm hoping there are writers out there who began their novel, introduced their main characters, main plot, and subplots, and then wrote an outline for the rest of the novel to coincide with what was already written. I'm hoping, because this is what I did. The idea for my novel had been simmering in my mind for about three years before I actually sat down and began writing it, and once the introductory chapters were complete, I then wrote an outline for the rest of the novel to make sure all characters and plots would be developed according to my goals.

Outlines and planning are an important part of the writing process, but there is no one way to go about doing it. You have to find the method that works for you. This will take a lot of experimenting, but the outcome will be very rewarding.

I think this process is actually helping me out! So if you're looking for the past few days' worth of chapters - don't worry! I'll have them done and e-mailed to you!

In any case, for now, I'll be trying to gather inspiration and trudging along to make up for the past chapters as well as adding the characters diary entries. Today's question is: what helps you write? What do you do when you hit a rut?

Before I go, I want to add that if you want to help the survivors and victims of Hurricane Sandy, please know there's going to be an auction starting on November 12, 2012 (Monday) on Joanne Levy's blog. If you want to donate for this cause, please email kidlitcares[at]joannelevy[dot]com. If there is nothing that interests you, please donate to the Red Cross.


  1. Thanks so much for the link! It sounds like you've got a good plan in place. Best of luck with your writing.



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