Monday, November 05, 2012

Short of awkwardness.

Conrad from Kyou Kara Maoh! (anime)
Tonight was sort of a let down. Not in a bad way, though, I think it's because it's half of it is because every little thing is distracting me from writing my chapter (don't worry, I did get it done!) and the other half is that I have to go to bed early tonight.

The only reason why I would go to bed early is because of classes. It's only on Mondays and Wednesdays so it's not completely meaningless. At least, maybe, I could jot some notes on the way to school or during my dad. I'll have more free time during Monday  Wednesday nights.

Anyway on to actually talk about the details of the story. We got a sneak peek at one of Puck's other powers: the ability to turn into a human. At what risk? Well, you'll just have to see whenever it's polished. I think I've gained about four editors: Ashu, Beck, Mercedes  and Sarah - all of whom are my dearest and closest friends. And I think I'm starting to get the hang of writing male characters! I guess we'll see.

For word count though, tonight the entire chapter tonight was worth 2721 words which brings my word count to a new total of 13986 words.

I bet the next question would be: what's with all these anime and video game characters in my posts? Simply, my characters had to come from somewhere and since I'm a huge fan of anime, manga, video games and other media, well, I got inspired. I can't draw or anything so perhaps this is the next best thing. Either looks or personality traits, there's just something about these characters that somehow reminds me of mine. Maybe these pictures will help you give you an image of how the characters are supposed to look like or act!

How do you get inspired for your characters in your novel or other original works?

Hihara Kazuki from La Corda D'Oro (anime)
So her name is Misora, huh? I remember when I first found her on the beach. My dog, Baxter the beagle, had gotten loose and I was looking for him. I got so worried! For a dog who has only three legs, he sure could run fast!

The first few times Misora was sick, I gotta admit, I was extremely worried. I know Alicia said that she's my responsibility but I would argue for that anyway. I really do feel bad for her but there wasn't anything I could really do.

Once I started to give her some space, though, she seemed to open up a bit. That... actually made me quite happy. I'm glad she was able to eat everything I gave her, every tray! Micah didn't really seem to care when I told him every time she did it.

"Damien, she's been here, not even a week, and you're drooling all over!"

N-no, I wasn't! I was just ensuring that she's well taken care of and she's well-medicated! After all, I was the one who found her. Okay, so I stayed by her door the whole time in case she came out and the orphans mocked me for it but, ugh, they don't understand! I do that with everyone! I worry about everyone! And of course Baxter and Riley aren't helping matters by helping with Misora's situation by running and making noise. I hope those two silly dogs don't bother her...

And then... T-that physical Andrew had to give her! I know Alicia said we would be there to make sure Misora didn't get violent again but I couldn't disrespect her like that!:

“What’s your name?” His voice was rather deep but it was certainly more authorities and less curious.

Misora looked at Alicia, who carefully watched her with her legs and arms crossed. It didn’t seem she had anything on her face. Misora then looked at Damien who gave her a small smile, as if he encouraged her. She looked back at the man.


“How do you spell that?”

She thought as she carefully spelled it out as she wrote in the air. The man wrote it down.

“What’s your age?”

Misora shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Andrew narrowed his blue eyes. “Do you remember what year you were born in?”

The auburn haired woman counted in her head. “I think it was 075 AR?” she finally said.

“So, you’re 22 years old then. Do you happen to recall a birthdate?”

Misora shook her head.

“I see. You’re lucky you had a kind master who gave you basic arithmetic and spelling skills.” He continued to write as he then got up. He took a good look at her arms, legs, hair, ears, everything he was allowed to see. When he tried to get down to her lower region, everyone else heard a throat clear.

“Andrew,” Captain Alicia said. “Be careful.”

I couldn't bear to watch! But... you know... even though Alicia is planning to buy her some clothes soon, I couldn't help but notice certain things about Misora. No, no, no! I didn't mean those things!! I meant, how pretty she was even though she had a lot of bruises and old scars. Her eyes kind of remind me of the ocean. I know I see the ocean every day but I sort of feel like they're singing to me.

Is that weird?

Ack! I gotta go feed her! It's getting late!

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