Monday, November 12, 2012

ZenWriter: A new appreciation for silence.

As you know, this is the twelfth day of Christmas I mean NaNoWriMo and it seems that people, up and including me, are falling behind. The stress of the holidays are almost upon us starting with Thanksgiving and then shortly the Christmas shopping season. Forget about it if you even have plans for the seasons!

And especially if you're a student! Work is starting to pile up, you're starting to study for finals and the pressure to pass (and graduate) is starting to weigh in your nerves. Then you remembered, "Oh yeah, that novel thing. I should really catch up on that!"

Have no fear because ZenWriter is here!

I found this program when Beck gave me a link to fulfill his own NaNoWriMo in our NaNo Skype group one day on Tumblr. I was feeling somewhat skeptical of it only because it seemed like yet another program that took up space in my computer and it wouldn't help. But then I realized that I wanted to reach my goal by the end of the weekend - I wanted to be at least halfway done before the weekend was up.
Believe, you will need headphones!

I tried to focus but I couldn't because everything distracted me. I've installed FocalFilter but that helped very little!

"All right, all right," I said to myself as I downloaded it. It was a simple download and didn't take very long to install. When I opened it, I didn't expect to see a full screen and very easy to use program.

Since I was so determined to make it to 25K, I turned on the music and started to type. Next thing I know, my writing becomes more detailed and I'm actually working. I can feel what they feel and experience everything alongside with them.

You can change the music, switch from day to night, and even have typing sounds! This post on Tumblr is a bit more in depth with it than I'm going to be but the point is that it actually does help! What other programs do you use to prevent from getting distracted?

So now you're wondering how you can download such an amazing thing. You can download it here:

Your work space. Nifty, huh?


  1. I'll definitely check this out! Have you tried write or die? or written kitten?

    1. I haven't but, knowing me, I would probably just ignore it anyway!


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