Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Insecure Writer's Support Group #002: Pushing the Reset

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh of his blog. On the first Wednesday of every month, we writers who are insecure about ourselves one way or another talk about what makes us insecure. The purpose of this blog hop is to encourage and help writers move past these insecurities and write the stories we were meant to write.

You can view the main page for it here & join the fun!

This Month's Insecurity: How to come back?

Hello lovely readers and writers! After being gone almost half a year (thank you, college), I'm back in full force as a writer and reader! But my insecurity is: How do I pick myself back up? After doing projects for my major (Web Development, for the curious), I just don't really had the time to sit down, enjoy a good book or anything like that.

Then, I want to pick up on writing again. I miss the joy of writing my worlds as they come into fruition and how my characters can tell their story. I miss trying to not only create mysteries but solve them along with my future readers.

Of course, one could just say, "Just re-open your document and just keep writing."

Alas, though, my writing ritual, especially if I'm about to pick something back up, can be long and tedious; depends how much I've written in the past though.

Here's usually my rewriting ritual: I make sure my errands are done. I get relaxed and I find the folders where I've kept my previous work. After I open them, I re-read it to get back into the spirit (and mostly remind myself of what had happened before) of whatever world I created. Eventually, I pick up my (virtual) pen and start writing again, continuing the adventure. Of course, while I'm reading, there's no music but it's only until after I start writing that I do.

And yet, I'm worried that what I have may written before may not be good enough (an idea for a future tip post, wouldn't you say?). It's a simple worry, really but...I just want to get back into writing again. How about you? What's your ritual when you get back into writing after a long hiatus?