Wednesday, October 02, 2013

EXCERPTS: Chapter One of "The Witchful Nurse"

Hmm, I haven't made a cover yet!
Even though I had just announced that I'm coming out with another book, I think it's time to mention that I'm also currently working on yet another novel. This one is entitled The Witchful Nurse.

Since it is the beginnings of October, I think there's no better time to start this novel than now. I had long since wrote the prologue but it's so short, I feel I would already spoil my readers out there. Instead, though, I'm going to post a short blurb of what to expect in chapter one - mostly to see if there's a general interest out there for this type of novel.

Hmm. We shall see, right?

Anyway, the summary of this novel is:

A young witch, named only Olivia, had committed a crime that was so outrageous and scandalous that she could no longer remember what she did. The Witch Council punished her by cutting her hair and taking away her memories before the trials. She resides with a familiar in a house at the edge of the town with no name - far away from the politics of the witches and warlocks.

It is forbidden for anyone from the witch & warlock community to interact with her, much less mention her by name. The humans are not aware of the crime Olivia have committed but they only know her as their Healer. Bounded by magic chains and her prison, Olivia is determined to regain her memories and seek revenge from the Council for putting her through the pain for losing her memories. However, who was she really? Was she destined to be a Healer or a Destroyer? Or was she destined to be something more?

Olivia slowly shook her head.

"Good. For once, they had done something right."

The brunette stayed silent.

"You see, you're now a Healer. A Healer is someone who is forbidden to use magic to harm others - instead, you are doomed to take care of the humans. You've committed a crime that deserved your marking to be clear to the humans. You've committed a crime that deserved those chains."

Olivia then glanced at the bracelets and anklets that trapped her.

"Do you remember that crime?"

The woman slowly shook her head as she tried hard to remember. The only image she conjured up was, once again, the Witch Council as they sat in their high chairs. She tried to go passed that but then a heavy door appeared behind the Council. The door was made of stone and the lock was carved into the stone. There were no windows into what was on the other side. There was no other door in sight in her mind's eye.

But it was too much for Olivia. The fact she even saw the door made her collasp to the bottom of the still moving crate.

"I see. You've saw the Council, didn't you?"

"N-No," Olivia panted out. "I saw.... a door."

This seemed to surprise Liassiou. "A door?" she responded as her eyes widened.

"A door... with carved locks..." Olivia grabbed her head as she heard noises suddenly. "Augh!" she cried out.

The dog finally rose up and went by her side quickly. Liassiou muttered a spell and then the buzzing noises stopped. Soon Olivia was no longer in pain.

"They may have underestimated your magic."


"No matter. Soon, you won't see the Council anymore. Soon, we'll be in the town with no name."

"He-hey!" Olivia finally spoke up, angry at the sudden change in subject. "What's going on? What exactly happened with the Council? I don't know any healing magic to these humans!" She spat out the word 'humans' as though it were a crude word. "How do you expect me to heal them if I can't even remember my magic?"

Liassiou didn't seem to be bothered by these barrage of questions. She lied back down with her eyes fixated on Olivia.

"That's why I'm here. I'm your new familiar. I'm here to teach you how to use the herbs, Mother Earth, or Gaia, or however your faction of magic knew this healing magic."

"Healer! I'm not a Healer!" Olivia said as she remembered something. She remembered having beautiful flowing brown hair - hair she used as a shield in battle. "I'm anything but a Healer! I destroy!"

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