Monday, October 07, 2013

Let's Start Prepping for NaNoWriMo!

Even though it's only October, I'm going to go ahead and start preparing for my NaNoWriMo novel, Love Conquers All. Here is a summary of it:
A young woman gingerly named Ginger is in love with a man unlike any other. He is the prince of her kingdom while she's just a farmer's daughter. Unlike most farmer's daughters, she puts herself in danger in hopes that she could attract this prince but always gets ignored for the prettier princesses and dashing duchesses.

However, she angers a secret cult, a cult bent on taking down her prosperous kingdom, to a point where she has to use her wits and her status as a commoner to escape on her own or she and the other captured women will become part of the rituals - permanently
So, let's see what I have to do on this to-do list:

  • Work on character profiles. Most especially, I need to be very careful with Ginger. I don't want her to become like another Bella Swan but I don't want to make her too interesting as well. I need to get the prince a name. Lately, I've been all about French-sounding names when it comes to my royal characters. And not only that, I need to think of the captured women that's mentioned in the summary and pen down some basic backgrounds for them. Thank goodness, though, CharaHub is here to help...
  • Create the kingdom & world. This is obviously your standard monarch in this story but at the same time what kind of world is it? Is it like in Mermaid Tears where there's a mixture of science and magic or is it just purely magic? There's already dragons and, really, the usual of these and most likely this novel will intersect with at least one of my novels but, I guess we shall see what happens.
  • Why is this a secret cult? Why do they want to overthrow the current monarch? Also, what's the deal with this ritual? Obviously this question is very important to the central plot! Obviously Ginger and the other captured women are trying to get out of the situation. So, I have to figure out not just those whys I'm asking myself, but what the cult actually is. Is it religion or idea based? Is it just because King used to be part of this cult but isn't anymore? Oh, but there's an interesting idea...
  • Why is this Prince so important? Granted, he's the main reason why Ginger gets in trouble constantly and, granted, he always saves her from danger. But other than that, what else role could he have? Is he just a figurehead in the story for Ginger to never or could actually achieve?  Following with the idea up above - maybe the Prince could actually be the original sacrifice but the King changed his mind?
  • Who is Ginger's True Love (tm)? Despite the fact that there are people out there who do not want to read about romance (which is fine), ultimately, this is still a romance novel. I'm debating on whether or not Ginger would even get a true lover or if she just ends up alone. For this, I suppose I could just wing it when it's actually NaNoWriMo time or I could probably create a character literally right before November or even during November. We'll see how Ginger reacts to her troubles, first.
  • Prophecies, back stories, myths. I love writing these - these are probably the best part of any world-building is creating the prophecies, if there are any, back-stories, and the myths, again though - if there are any. However, again, I would have to tread very very carefully with Ginger since I'm afraid that she'll roam into Mary-Sue territory.
Thankfully, I have a month to start figuring this out. This is why writers should always carry notepad and a pen with them everywhere they go so they could jot down any ideas... What do you have to do to prep for NaNoWriMo? Have you gotten an idea yet? If not, do you at least have a general idea?


  1. That novel sounds like it'd be interesting! I've had a story swimming around my head for the past month or so that I've written notes on here and there. Since I'm finally done with school, I've been thinking of trying NaNoWriMo again. But ahh, 50,000 words is a lot and when I think about all the things that go into writing a novel (world planning, plotting, etc) it's a bit intimidating =); So I'm not sure yet.

    1. It is intimidating at first but once you start writing, especially if it's a plot you've had in your head for some time, you're definitely going to make it. :D


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