Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WikiPad: An easier way to store your story notes!

With NaNoWriMo starting in just a couple of days, I can imagine my fellow authors out there trying to scurry and get as much major details as they can for this year's entry for the annual novel contest. I should know - I'm part of the scurrying group.

Thankfully, I stumbled across a program that could help me keep my notes together in case there was ever a need for me to go back and remind myself what happened, who the characters were, what their possible motives are, and so much more! I had initially found this on another blog, Urban Fantasy, but sadly I don't have the link anymore.

However, I do have the link to this new program called the WikiPad! What is a WikiPad? Well, according to the website:
wikidPad is not a web server, or application server, or groupware solution. wikidPad is a standalone notepad like application, albeit notepad on steroids. wikidPad is like an IDE for your thoughts.
It's actually pretty simple to use but you may need to learn how to format it using it though. However, it makes my life so much easier! It automatically saves for me (although you could manually save just to make absolutely sure your information is stored) so I don't have to worry about if the power somehow goes out or my battery dies. Not only that, it does not need the Internet to work! Of course, it's only up to you that you want to publish but it's definitely a useful option where some people are still using dial up or they have certain restrictions when it comes to Internet access.

Your work space!
Another feature for this is that you can create multiple wikis (for different stories, recipes, ideas, worlds, fanfiction ideas, etc) as well! Since I'm always wanting to create something new, it's very useful for me!

The work space for this is manageable since it seems the creators understand that there are people who keep multiple word documents in order to store their information.

Here, though, you can set up links to hop from one page about Character X to their relationship with Character Y and how it was in the past.

This wiki is literally yours to use however you want! Of course, there's a way to link to websites as well for your resources. I'm not sure if there's a way to post images quite yet but I'm sure I'll fiddle around with it some more... That'd also be really useful, huh? And you know what's the best part? This program is free!

What programs do you use to keep your story notes?

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