Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yay! I've won something!

All five paperbacks!
So I've entered in a giveaway hosted by Hildred Billings a while ago only to win! And what did I win? I won five paperbacks of her Renai series! The paper backs include (in order): Daisuki, Hatsukoi, Seikou, Kataomoi, & Koibumi! Also included were three bookmarks and a her business card!

I can't wait to sit back this winter and start reading these! While having an eReader is useful and help save myself (and my boyfriend) room in the apartment, it's nice to have some hard copies every once in a while!

Anyway, I checked inside one of the books and look! She even autographed it to me!:

Wow! This is very exciting! Thank you so much, Hildred! You guys should check out her blog to check out her other stories that she already has on sale as well as future.

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