Hello! This is a page that's going to contain books that's currently in the works or books I've already written. I will have a summary of each book as well as a link to purchase it (if available), read certain blog entries about it, among other important information. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Books Currently Writing

Original Cover (made by me)
Title: Mermaid Tears
Genre(s): Adult Fantasy, Adventure
Summary: The waters are literally rising and the humans have to survive. One day, a scientist fell in love with a mermaid and he entered her world. He learned things that he promised to keep secret but he was so entranced by what he saw, he relayed it to the others anyway. Desperate to save themselves, the humans launched a secret genocide and the capturing of the mermaids to discover their secret of how to survive underwater.

Then the experiments began and more secrets are born. The general public are unaware with what happened with the mermaids - only they've simply vanished. Mermaids who become humans are those who have passed the secret to the scientists with promise of freedom but instead, forces them to stay within the confines of the prison camp - never seeing the ocean again.

Misora, a daughter of one such mermaid, manages to escape and is rescued by a young, naive sailor by the name of Damien. How could she trust this human? How could she trust her instincts? How could she trust herself? This book is being written for NaNoWriMo 2012.

Original Cover (now printing)
Title: How Not to Be a Damsel in Distress
Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance
Summary: To be completed.

Original Cover (now printing)
Title: Cathartic Shorts For the Active Brain
Genre(s): Short Story
Summary: To be completed.

Original Cover (now printing)
Title: The Witchful Nurse
Genre(s): Fantasy, Mystery
Summary: A young witch, named only Olivia, had committed a crime that was so outrageous and scandalous that she could no longer remember what she did. The Witch Council punished her by cutting her hair and taking away her memories before the trial. She resides with a familiar in a house at the edge of the town with no name - far away from the politics of the witches and warlocks.

It is forbidden for anyone from the witch & warlock community to interact with her, much less mention her by name. The humans are not aware of the crime Olivia have committed but they only know her as their Healer. Bounded by magic chains and her prison, Olivia is determined to regain her memories and seek revenge on the Council for putting her through the pain for losing her memories. However, who was she really? Was she destined to be a Healer or a Destroyer? Or was she destined to be something more?

Original Cover (now printing)
Title: Love Conquers All
Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance
Summary: A young woman gingerly named Ginger is in love with a man unlike any other. He is the prince of her kingdom while she's just a farmer's daughter. Unlike most farmer's daughters, she puts herself in danger in hopes that she could attract this prince but always gets ignored for the prettier princesses and dashing duchesses.

However, she angers a secret cult, a cult bent on taking down her prosperous kingdom, to a point where she has to use her wits and her status as a commoner to escape on her own or she and the other captured women will become part of the rituals - permanently. This book is being written for NaNoWriMo 2013.

Books Completed & Available For Purchase

Original Cover (made by me)
Title: A Small Collection of Poems From the Past
Genre: Poems
Summary: A collection of poems I have kept since I was 13-17 years old. They're all varying in different subjects but mostly about what I imagine certain things must have been like.

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